byanat Participation in Make the Deal 2023 in Doha, Qatar

byanat's cutting-edge AI anomaly detection technology gains positive attention from investors and potential clients in critical infrastructure industries at Make The Deal 2023 event

February 15, 2023

Qatar, Doha - Excellent news from the tech sector, as byanat, a cutting-edge company in the field of data analytics and AI anomaly detection for critical infrastructure, made a significant impression at the recent Make The Deal 2023 event. The event, which aimed to connect high-impact technology entrepreneurs with local and regional investors, provided byanat with an ideal opportunity to present their revolutionary technology and interact with possible investors.

CEO Eng. Ahmed Al Ghadani addressed the stage at Make The Deal 2023 to pitch the company to investors, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. The event, which aims to foster an entrepreneurial and investment climate, provided the adequate basis for byanat to showcase their innovative solutions in emerging technology. 

byanat is dedicated to developing technology that increases the availability of critical infrastructure in the telecom, energy, and utilities industries. Their usage of artificial intelligence anomaly detection from machine-based operational data enables enterprises to provide the best quality of experience to their subscribers. The company's participation in Make The Deal 2023 has brought them one step closer to accomplishing their vision, and the favorable response from investors is a testament to the company's hard work and dedication.

Eng. Ahmed Al Ghadani Pitching at Make The Deal 2023

In along with interacting with potential investors, the Make The Deal2023 event provided an excellent opportunity for byanat to network with potential consumers, especially in the telecom sector. Qatar has a strong presence in the telecom industry, and byanat set out to demonstrate their success in the sector in the Sultanate and offer their solution, mada, to the Qatari market. byanat took advantage of this chance to demonstrate their cutting-edge technology and build ties with potential clients, opening the road for future growth and expansion into other areas.

“The event has been effective in advancing byanat's mission. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to introduce our solution, mada, to the Qatari market and establish relationships with possible customers. we are well on our way to even greater success in the future” Rawan Al Balushi, VP of Sales and Marketing, byanat.