byanat Joins 500 Global and Sanabil Investments Accelerator Program

Leading the Future of Connected Infrastructure Through Innovation and Dedication

Rawan Albalushi
May 26, 2023

byanat, a leading company in the field of data analytics and a SaaS data analytics platform provider, has been selected as one of the 14 companies to join the world-class accelerator program by 500 Global and Sanabil Investments. This highly regarded program supports startups in the MENA region, providing valuable resources to validate and scale their ventures.

The selection of byanat as one of the top 2% of innovative ventures in the region, out of over 600 companies, is a testament to the company's ingenuity, tenacity, and passion. The team is proud of this milestone, which is a shared achievement of everyone who believes in its mission. With its innovative SaaS data analytics platform, byanat aims to revolutionize the connected infrastructure. By leveraging advanced analytics and insights, byanat empowers organizations to optimize their infrastructure, streamline operations, and enhance overall performance.

byanat's co-founders, Eng. Ahmed Alghadani and Dr. Ahmed Albadi, expressed their gratitude to the hardworking team, partners, and everyone who has supported the company since its inception. They believe that this achievement will help them to continue building the future of infrastructure, one breakthrough at a time.

The 500 Global and Sanabil Investments accelerator program is one of the most highly regarded programs in the world. byanat's selection is a significant achievement, and it is expected to help the company accelerate its growth and further develop its innovative solutions.

byanat has made a name for itself in the technology and data analytics industry, and its selection for this program is a clear indication of its potential. With its innovative solutions and dedicated team, in addition to mentorship, guidance, and exposure provided by the accelerator program, byanat is well-positioned to emerge as a leading player, delivering significant value and unlocking new avenues for growth.

This achievement is a significant milestone for byanat, and the company is committed to continuing its mission of building the future of infrastructure through innovation and dedication.