Exploring the Future of Digitization in the Oil and Gas Industry: Insights from byanat's CEO at Schlumberger's Digital Forum

byanat CEO Attends Schlumberger's Digital Forum and Meets Industry Leaders to Discuss Digitization Challenges in the Industry

September 22, 2022

Lucerne, Switzerland, 2022 byanat’s CEO Ahmed Al Ghadani was invited to attend Schlumberger's Digital Forum, where he had the chance to meet and talk to several industry leaders including CEO of Schlumberger Olivier Le Peuch, along with the Regional Managing Director (Oman, Pakistan & Yemen) at Schlumberger, Ali Al Lawati, Chief Executive at OQ for upstream Ahmed Al Azkwai, they discussed the challenges and steps that should be taken for digitization in the oil and petrol industry.


Sebastien Lavier, Senior Manager, Digital Twin Solutions,  Callan Carpenter, VP Digital Twin Solutions, and Jesse Ervin, Chief Revenue Officer with byanat’s CEO Ahmed Al Ghadani

In the second day Ahmed got to meet with Unity, where he explained to them how byanat has been using Unity in collaboration with Stereo labs for spatial analysis, in this discussion Ahmed got to learn about Digital twins, which are digital representations of physical assets, processes, systems or environments. They can be created by capturing and replicating data from the real world and using algorithms to predict possible performance outcomes, and issues – even if they are not yet seen in the real world.


Eng. Ahmed Al Ghadani the CEO of byanat and Bill Barna the Principal Sustainability Architect of Google

In the last day of the summit Ahmed got to have a seat down with Google, who has been a partner of byanat since the beginning of our journey, they introduced the google earth engine to us, which is A project that came to life just around two months prior from Google, that gives you over 40 petabytes of geospatial data instantly available at your fingertips ready for analysis. Seeing this was an eyesight for sore eyes, very recently the team at byanat has been working on geospatial analysis and visualization of critical assets in integration with Google earth. Now, Engine cuts the distance and time down to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface.