byanat's CTO, Dr. Ahmed Al Badi Delivered a Speech at COMEX Oman’s 2nd Big Data and Analytics Meet

Dr. Ahmed Al Badi spoke at COMEX Oman's 2nd Big Data & Analytics Meet on the topic of "Delivering value by bridging research in data analytics and industry"

December 5, 2022

Oman, Muscat - At COMEX Oman's 2nd Big Data & Analytics Meet, Dr. Ahmed Al Badi CTO of byanat, spoke at the session "Advanced AI, ML & Data Security.", on 5th of December 2022. Al Badi’s topic "Delivering value by bridging research in data analytics and industry" explaining how looking at data from different perspectives can reveal beyond the obvious.

Dr Ahmed Al Badi Speaking About Bridging Research in Data Analytics and Industry

Dr Ahmed started by addressing the executive order issued by The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology titled “executive program for artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies”, which constitutes one of the main pillars of the National Digital Economy Program. “The executive order defines three main layers that enable the AI and advanced technologies and adoption in Oman” said Al Badi followed by discussing the life cycle of data analytics projects, diving into the main steps of data analytics projects as well.


Dr. Ahmed discussed numerous real life use cases that he worked on brought to life by bridging research and industry. These use cases from his research in data analytics, and what value can be added from different stages of data projects. He was able to deliver these use cases in collaboration with major industrial partners like Rolls Royce and Sheffield University Advanced Research Center.

"As we bridge research in data analytics and industry, we are able to uncover hidden insights and create value beyond the obvious. By leveraging advanced AI and ML techniques, we can unlock the full potential of data and drive innovation in Oman's digital economy." - Dr. Ahmed Al Badi, CTO of byanat.