byanat's Impactful Presence at COMEX 2023

Forging connections and showcasing innovation at Oman's largest technology event

Rawan Albalushi
May 25, 2023

byanat had a significant impact at the highly anticipated 33rd edition of COMEX, Oman's largest technology event. Over the course of four action-packed days, the company's team immersed themselves in an exhilarating and dynamic atmosphere, forging connections with a diverse range of individuals, including investors, operators, engineers, and hobbyists.

COMEX served as a platform for establishing new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships. byanat had the honor of engaging with prominent figures and established companies, sharing insights, and exploring potential collaborations. The event created an environment conducive to fostering connections that may shape the organization's future, opening doors to exciting opportunities and possibilities.

byanat's team at COMEX 2023

The exhibition allowed byanat to showcase their latest SaaS data analytics platform, demonstrating their commitment to pushing technological boundaries. Participating in COMEX was an unforgettable experience for byanat. The opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, engage with industry leaders, and showcase their innovations has left an indelible mark on their journey. Reflecting on this momentous occasion, byanat is excited to leverage the knowledge gained, strengthen partnerships, and propel the company towards a brighter and more prosperous future. With the inspiration and insights gained at this remarkable event, byanat looks forward to the next chapter in its journey.

Ahmed Al Ghadani the CEO of byanat commented "I am really happy for the great success during COMEX 2023 and the incredible traction. All the credit goes to the amazing team at byanat who made the event a success"