A Glimpse into byanat's Successful Participation at the Oman AI Summit 2024

Janat Alkhuld Al-Mawali
January 31, 2024

The Oman AI Summit 2024 was a remarkable event that brought together industry pioneers, tech moguls, and high-ranking government officials to discuss and share insights on the future of artificial intelligence. byanat, as a leading player in AI and data solutions, made its presence felt at the summit with a highly engaging and informative booth, as well as a noteworthy panel discussion.

During the event, byanat's booth witnessed an overwhelming response from visitors, including key figures such as His Highness Dr. Kamel bin Fahd Al Saeed, His Excellency Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi, Minister of Energy, His Excellency Dr. Ali Al Shidhani from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology of Oman, and CEO Engineer Said Al-Mandhari, the CEO of ITHCA Group. These esteemed guests showed immense interest in byanat's work and their presence was a testament to the significance of our company's contributions to the AI industry in Oman.

The summit provided a platform to showcase our latest AI-powered solutions and services, highlighting the innovative and responsible technologies that set byanat apart in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. As we connected with other industry professionals and stakeholders, we had the chance to exchange ideas and knowledge, discuss potential collaboration opportunities and explore avenues to propel the AI industry forward.

One standout moment at the summit for byanat was when our CEO, Engineer Ahmed Al Ghadani, shared the stage with other industry leaders during an insightful panel discussion. His valuable thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in creating a legal framework for AI technologies and their responsible use resonated with the audience and generated thought-provoking discussions.

The presence of key figures like the Minister of Energy, His Excellency Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi, highlighted important issues such as the role of AI in the energy sector and its potential to revolutionise the industry. Furthermore, the support of His Highness Dr. Kamel bin Fahd Al Saeed showcased the government's commitment to advancing AI technologies in Oman, while the expertise of HE Dr. Ali Al Shidhani shed light on the research advancements and collaborations between academic and industrial partners in the country.

Overall, byanat's successful participation in the Oman AI Summit 2024 not only confirmed the company's position as a key player in the realm of AI and data solutions but also emphasised the importance of responsible AI development. With our unwavering dedication to advancing the AI industry and promoting smart, secure and sustainable future concepts, byanat will continue to set the standard for excellence in AI technologies.

We would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to all the organisers, sponsors and partners who made the Oman AI Summit 2024 such a remarkable and successful event. Special thanks to the following entities for their invaluable support and collaboration:

  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology
  • Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  • National Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-Up Unit
  • Oman Technology Fund
  • Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Your dedication and hard work have significantly contributed to the advancement of the AI landscape in Oman, and your commitment to fostering innovation is truly inspiring. Together, we are paving the way for a brighter, smarter and more sustainable future. 

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and for making this event an unforgettable experience.